What to Do In Key West

Life is good waiting for weather in Key West! I can remember when I used to dream of being in Key West with our sailboat, now we’re here & I’m dreaming of leaving… but in the meantime! Enjoy the moment!

Does Cruising Last Forever?

Lots of people dream of sailing into the sunset. But what happens after you’ve sailed away? It lasts forever, right?

The Boat Still SAILS! Changing Our Neighborhood

One of the advantages of my sailboat is it SAILS! Underway after a couple weeks regrouping…

I Live on a BOAT! :)

I am SO lucky! I live on a BOAT! Lots of boat projects, but today we had time off for good behavior!

Dancing With The Stars … Cruiser Style

The Marquesas Atoll in the Keys is more than an ideal star gazing location … much more! From abandoned Cuban refugee boats … and refugees washing ashore … to dinghy snorkeling … to being strafed by the US Navy F-16 fighter jets….

GREAT Christmas Lights Boat Parade!

Is it the BEST Christmas Boat Light Parade anywhere? Maybe not, but it’s certainly the best we’ve seen!

Cruising Route: Florida Keys to Northwest Caribbean: Mexico, Belize, Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Playing with Google Maps, I’ve created our route from Year 1 of cruising the Northwest Caribbean, from the Keys to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, down the Yucatan coastline to Belize, exploring Belize, then cruising up the Rio Dulce river to leave the boat for hurricane season. Each stop is clickable and has a photo, a description and a link to more info on that location. ENJOY!

Negotiating Crab Pot Mazes

Ever wonder if there’s an art to the nuisance of dodging crab pots? Any specific areas to sail where they aren’t allowed? Like perhaps in a narrow channel that’s barely deep enough for our draft? Some tips from dodging way too many pots with no resolution in the near future.

Panther, Bahia Honda, Tarpon Belly Keys + : 2013 Photo Recap

Off to a slow start, Winterlude’s winter cruising proved that it IS possible for a 5 1/2 foot draft sailboat to enjoy cruising the Florida Bay side of the Florida Keys and also that there are still anchorages in the 10,000 Islands that are waiting to be discovered!

Bahia Honda Anchorages, Florida Keys, Stuff to Know!

For years we’ve heard it’s impossible to cruise the bay side of the Florida Keys with a deep draft sailboat. Our bayside adventure to Bahia Honda State Park and the Johnson Keys proved that we CAN! And the shallow clear waters are like a glass bottom boat ride between anchorages! More, including waypoints in this post.