B.O.A.T. Know What It Means?

Someone once said: “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you the kind of misery you prefer.”

Where To Spend Hurricane Season?

Burnt Store Marina North Basin, Hurricane Charley 2004

Hurricane season is fast approaching. Commuter Cruisers around the Caribbean and USA will be making decisions on where to leave their boats for this season. Here are a few tips.

All Choked Up….

It’s possible I’m crazy …

Checklist To Leave Boat For Hurricane Season

I have very mixed emotions on leaving s/v Winterlude for the summer. But it’s time. Here’s our annual free downloadable PDF checklist for Leaving The Boat – hopefully it’ll provide helpful insight as you develop your own checklist.

Tips To Take Sails Off (Reverse It to Put Them Back On)

Sails are expensive. Tips of taking care of them – everything from flaking sails to how to take the roller furling jib off for hurricane season.

I Must Have the Date Wrong…

Ah the joys of getting the boat ready to leave for hurricane season. Surely no one else does stupid things — and the ironic thing is we invent new ones every year!

“Either You Run The Day, Or The Day Runs You!” … Jim Rohn

So so true – especially when you’re either spring commissioning or spring packing the boat away for hurricane season….

Why Fresh Water Rinse the Chain Locker?

Winterlude Anchored at Ft Jefferson, the Dry Tortugas, Florida Keys

Earlier today, we had all the chain drug out and the anchor on the dock, just in time for friends to walk by and wonder what we were doing. Unfortunately for us, sv Winterlude doesn’t have a freshwater washdown hose at the bow.  So when the anchor and chain come up, we try to rinse […]

Preparing the Galley to Leave the Boat

Sooner or later, you’ll need to leave the boat and you want to make sure you don’t have uninvited pest guests: my experience in Preparing the Galley to Leave the Boat.

Leave The Boat: Insurance Photos

In the unlikely event of a lightning strike or hurricane while we’re away, photos of everything aboard may be useful with the insurance company.