Don’t Forget the Dinghy Anchor!

Please don’t leave the boat without an adequate dinghy anchor in the dinghy. It’s as important for your safety as a life jacket!

How to Repair a Dinghy Leak

In fixing our AB Inflatable dinghy leak, we learned some IMPORTANT info on the glue to use, where to get it and all the technical information, be sure to read this post! Also, be sure to do the soapsuds test on the entire tube to located leaks, not just the first one found.

Why We Don’t Put a Name On Our Dinghy

Why don’t we name our dinghy? It’s a simple safety precaution!

How To Put The Dinghy On Deck

No dinghy davits? We struggled putting the dinghy on the foredeck until we came up with a routine. There are a million and one ways depending on your boat, but hopefully this will provide ideas to make it easier.

10 Years Later … Outfitting For Cruising

David on the bow, Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize

Cruising gear: what works for us and the spare parts we’ve used and now will need to replace. Here’s some of our gear & what we think after 10 years, hopefully it’s helpful.

Dinghy Accessory: New Dry Bag

Dry bags are an important part of our dinghy equipment. When we left our favorite dinghy dry bag behind this winter, we accidentally found my new favorite dry bag.

Chasing Dolphins!

Splash goes the dinghy! We need to check it out and make sure all is OK. And zoom! Away we go!

Cleaning the Dinghy … The Easy Way!

A tip from a friend yielded an unexpected new way to “magically” clean the dinghy – with very little effort and as far as I can tell not harmful to the hypalon! I LOVE anything that makes getting the boat ready quicker!

13 Spares You Never Knew You Needed!

When we left to cruise the Western Caribbean for six years, we had the boat stock full of spare parts – engine parts including a spare mixing or exhaust elbow, rebuild parts for the head, an entire new wheel pilot autopilot, a spare regulator, tools for every conceivable use, and lots more.   By the […]

No Davits? How to Hang a Dinghy.

If you’re headed for cruising outside US waters, you’ll need a way to keep your dinghy and outboard safe from theft. Davits are nice, davits with metal cables instead of line pulleys are even more secure.  And be sure to lock your dinghy to the boat even if you have davits. When we were actually […]