Nine Bridges, 7 Hours: Florida West Coast ICW


Headed up Florida’s West Coast ICW? Bridge opening information and details. WE MADE IT!

Pre-Overnight Maintenance Checklist

Winterlude Under Full Sail

Making a list, checking it twice … it’s not only the theme for this holiday season, but it’s a good idea to get in the habit before sailing.

Navigating Shallow or Reef-Strewn Waters

See the tiny white spec far right in the photo - that's Winterlude anchored in the reef strewn waters by Barbareta, Bay Islands, Honduras.

See Winterlude anchored in the far right side of this anchorage in paradise? And all the reefs & shallow waters in between? There are no navigation markers. It’s important to learn to read the waters.

Sailing A Ketch


Recently we learned maybe we should have been a bit more open minded when we were boat shopping. Sailing a ketch was something that David never considered. He wasn’t familiar with it and wasn’t going to sail one. I liked the multiple sail plan combinations, as did he, but familiarity won out and sv Winterlude is a sloop rigged, Passport 37. If you get the chance, sail a ketch before making your final decision.

Making the Most of Waiting …


What to do … waiting for our rebuilt windlass and pactor modem to arrive. Cruisers spend a lot of time waiting .. on weather, on parts, on whatever. So make the most of it — maybe organize a dinghy drift sunset happy hour!

Happy Spinnaker!


A happy spinnaker makes a very happy crew!  

As the Diesel Rumbles to Silence….


I always forget how much I love to daysail … no place to be, nothing to do except listen to the water rushing by the hull, watch the sun sparkling on the water as the dolphins dance & ospreys soar… what a great day!

Would We Buy The Same Boat Again?

Looking forward to spending many more years anchoring in paradise!

Would you buy the same boat again? We ask ourselves that very same question and quite honestly, the answer isn’t exactly clear, but may be NO. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE our Passport 37, but some realities about the CREW might have altered our original decision.

Do I Need a Whisker Pole?


When we bought Winterlude, our Passport 37, there was no whisker pole. Being one design racing sailors, one of the first things we added was a whisker pole … and we use it all the time. Here’s how and why ….

Should We Keep the Spinnaker Aboard?


Do we keep the cruising spinnaker? It takes up several cubic feet of space that we could use for other things, and it’s always in the way. But when it goes “poof”, magic happens and it’s almost as good as when the diesel shuts down…..