5 Things Before You Leave The Dock

Top 5 things not to leave til the last minute if you’re planning more than a daysail.

Don’t Get Burned! Check That Electric Meter!

Don’t forget to check the electric meter when you pull into a marina!

Marina Electricity Woes

Marina Paraiso, Isla Mujeres

How were we to know the electricity on the dock would fry the microwave? Beware!

Favorite Florida West Coast Cruising Guide?

What do you look for in a cruising guide?  We want detailed mile by mile information on every anchorage, overhead satellite photos, a brief description of the anchorage as well as what directions are sheltered from the wind and any other information specific to anchoring there.  Unfortunately such a cruising guide does not exist (at […]

Quick VHF Safety Tip

Simple, but effective safety precaution!

Why We Don’t Put a Name On Our Dinghy

Why don’t we name our dinghy? It’s a simple safety precaution!

How To Put The Dinghy On Deck

No dinghy davits? We struggled putting the dinghy on the foredeck until we came up with a routine. There are a million and one ways depending on your boat, but hopefully this will provide ideas to make it easier.

Cruising Route: Belize to Panama

Thinking of cruising the Western Caribbean? Here’s a Google Map showing the route we took transitioning from the Northwest Caribbean to the Southwest Caribbean. a leisurely 4 months, from the Rio Dulce, Guatemala to Bocas Del Toro, Panama.

SeaTow Outside US Waters?

So do they or don’t they offer “international” towing services. I talked to them, you can decide for yourself.

Unforgettable Buddy & a Forgotten Coast!

When we got a chance to get together with a buddy boat that we hadn’t seen since we sailed from Panama to the Bay Islands for his birthday party in 2009, we jumped at it … and in the process were introduced to a cruising area we didn’t know existed! WIN WIN!!!