How to Repair a Dinghy Leak

In fixing our AB Inflatable dinghy leak, we learned some IMPORTANT info on the glue to use, where to get it and all the technical information, be sure to read this post! Also, be sure to do the soapsuds test on the entire tube to located leaks, not just the first one found.

Marina Electricity Woes

Marina Paraiso, Isla Mujeres

How were we to know the electricity on the dock would fry the microwave? Beware!

How To Put The Dinghy On Deck

No dinghy davits? We struggled putting the dinghy on the foredeck until we came up with a routine. There are a million and one ways depending on your boat, but hopefully this will provide ideas to make it easier.

Defrosting a Boat Fridge

After being away from the boat for 10 days, the frost build-up is overtaking the freezer … and holding all our frozen food hostage! Obviously the new lid seals we recently installed are NOT working! 🙁


All the countries we’ve been to and never had a rat aboard ….


There aren’t many things that can make us go back to the dock after leaving to enjoy our only time at anchor this year …

Plan Ahead to Make Lemonade from Lemons

Winterlude Anchored in the Green Islands, San Blas, Panama

As commuter cruisers, we have a somewhat limited time to enjoy aboard Winterlude. Once aboard, we don’t want to give up a single day of our precious cruising time. Planning ahead for any challenges allows you to enjoy the time you have cruising, instead of the alternative.

Refrigeration Saga: Don’t Forget the Seals

As you may recall, in this ongoing saga, when the refrigeration specialist visited us, he diagnosed excess refrigerant as the cause of our frustrations with the fridge refusing to cycle.  After bleeding off some refrigerant, the fridge cycled perfectly.  But then he recommended removing the speed resistor to decrease the amps per hour from 6 […]

Pesky On/Off Switches

Anyone else have on/off switch gremlins aboard their boats? They go around switching all the on/off switches ON, thereby insuring the next time you need to use whatever it is, the batteries are dead, dead, dead. We found a solution.

Easier Way to Get Batteries On or Off Boat

Changing out a house bank of batteries is never an easy chore – always requiring heavy lifting and sometimes from contorted positions under the cockpit.