Lucky Friday the 13th! We’re in the Exumas/Bahamas!

🙂   We finally made it to the Exumas!  Motorsailed the final 38 miles yesterday (Thursday) from the west end of New Providence (Nassau is on the eastern end) — great day!  Anchored off Highbourne Cay and enjoyed a nice sunset.  Plus the nurse shark that swam by just as I was snorkeling to make sure the anchor was set — it’s supposed to BLOW over the weekend!  And the huge ray that jumped and the sea turtle that swam under the boat right about sunset… does it get better???

I couldn’t finish the copyediting I needed to do on The Boat Galley Cookbook because the internet went down at the Albany Marina Wednesday evening…. it doesn’t seem to matter how luxurious the marina, the internet is a sometimes thing once you’re outside the U.S.!  I had 3 more chapters to copyedit & no way to finish.

Turns out the weather has decided to blow 30 for the next 3 days and we lucked out getting a slip at the Highbourne Cay Marina — we’re the only sailboat with all the mega-yachts and mega-trawlers!  But we have internet to finish the book editing AND I don’t have to sit outside in the surge that’s rounding the island with good sized swells.  Anytime you anchor off a smaller island – Highbourne is 2 1/2 miles long and supposedly has one of the best beaches in the Exumas.   We took the provided marina bikes today and checked out the beach — one of the nicest, great crescent, breaking waves and gorgeous water colors!

South End of Highbourne Cay Looking Toward Norman Cay

South End of Highbourne Cay Looking Toward Norman Cay

This is everything I hoped the Exumas might be …. with the exception of these 30 knot winds … and they’re talking about a subtropical LO– i.e. some type of hurricane thing — it’s APRIL for pete’s sake, can SOMEONE PLEASE tell the weather!!!  But starting mid-week the weather is supposed to improve and hopefully we’ll sail 20 miles south to the Exumas Land & Sea Park.

BTW, it is Friday, April 13th … but it is my LUCKY DAY!!!  A marina slip because of a cancellation, internet to finish copyediting The Boat Galley Cookbook, a secure place to hang out while the winds howl 30 outside and a little store with fresh lettuce & produce … what more could I ask for?!!!   🙂

Downside is very limited internet here, and in the rest of the Exumas from what others say — 200 mb’s a day max & most of that is already occupied with the cookbook.  But I have photos & info about everywhere we’ve been — waypoints & sailing info, anchoring info & marina info (unexpectedly).  Stay tuned!

Cheers!  Jan & David, s/v Winterlude


  1. How about a pc of your boat in the slip or the marina

  2. Rick – stay tuned, I just finished a post on the marina that includes the photo of the boat.

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