How to Repair a Dinghy Leak

In fixing our AB Inflatable dinghy leak, we learned some IMPORTANT info on the glue to use, where to get it and all the technical information, be sure to read this post! Also, be sure to do the soapsuds test on the entire tube to located leaks, not just the first one found.

Chasing Dolphins!

Splash goes the dinghy! We need to check it out and make sure all is OK. And zoom! Away we go!

Which Dinghy Is Right?

AB Dinghy

Selecting a dinghy may be one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a commuter cruiser!  Your dinghy will be your family car.  Not only  will it transport you to town for provisions and diesel, but be your magic carpet for adventures yet to be discovered.  You’ll land on beaches untouched by footprints and […]

Keeping Your Dinghy Safe

Unfortunately dinghy theft is on the rise everywhere!  Most cruising boats don’t have the option to simply put the dinghy in the garage like you would the family car.    And thieves are getting bolder and more innovative every season we cruise. Thieves are usually not interested in an inflatable dinghy.  They want the outboard motor.    […]

10 Fun Things You Can Do In Your Dinghy!

AB DInghy Enjoying Belize Clear Waters

For commuter cruisers, a dinghy is the primary means of transportation … but it’s also the source of great fun! 1.  Dinghy Drift. “What the heck is a dinghy drift?”  …. my question the first time we were invited to such an event on the Rio Chagres  in Panama.   Turns out just another excuse to […]