FCC Radio Licenses for Great Loopers

Are you planning to cruise the Great Loop, but confused by FCC VHF radio licensing requirements? If your Great Loop includes Canada or the Bahamas, you need a Ship’s Station License with an MMSI number and a Restricted Radiotelephone Operator license. Here are all the links from the FCC & a telephone number (with helpful people) for help. You’re welcome!

Time To Go Explore!

Days are getting shorter, temperatures are more refreshing. As good CommuterCruisers, it’s time to switch from slalom skiing at the lake to hiking in the mountains.

New Boat: Where Do We Want to Explore?

What do you do when you’re stuck at the very first step in selecting the right boat?

Nine Bridges, 7 Hours: Florida West Coast ICW

Headed up Florida’s West Coast ICW? Bridge opening information and details. WE MADE IT!

Weather to Sail to Cuba

Even though it’s only 90+ miles, sailing to Cuba can be tricky. The Gulf Stream is flowing easterly and the predominant winds are from the east, against the current. What are we looking for?

Documents Needed to Sail to Cuba

As of February 2016, US Flagged boats are still prohibited from sailing to Cuba for vacation, however, in 2015, the restrictions have relaxed and it may be possible to qualify for the 3 required documents (OFAC/US Treasury Dept for individuals; BIS US Dept of Commerce for vessels and US Coast Guard Form 3300).  (See Disclaimer […]

How to Pick a Weather Window

What’s a good weather window anyway? 8 factors to consider for your boat.

5 Things Before You Leave The Dock

Top 5 things not to leave til the last minute if you’re planning more than a daysail.

“Red Sky at Morning” Explained….

Ever wonder about the origin and any scientific explanation for the old adage “Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight; Red Sky at Morning, Sailors Take Warning”? It’s raining, so I had time to do some research.

Red Sky at Morning!

What do you do when Mother Ocean collapses your weather window overnight? Red sky at morning, sailors take warning!