FCC Radio Licenses for Great Loopers

Are you planning to cruise the Great Loop, but confused by FCC VHF radio licensing requirements? If your Great Loop includes Canada or the Bahamas, you need a Ship’s Station License with an MMSI number and a Restricted Radiotelephone Operator license. Here are all the links from the FCC & a telephone number (with helpful people) for help. You’re welcome!

New Years Eve Eve Joyriding!

Our Great Loop maiden voyage … we’re not quite ready for the Loop yet, but we learned alot on our New Years Eve Eve joyride/practice ride — first time away from the dock beside the sea trial!

First Time for Everything!

After 7 days aboard Optimystique, we can confirm that there’s a first time for everything – every system, every little thing! And sometimes things don’t operate quite the way you think they should.

Why Would Anyone Want to Cruise “The Great Loop”????

Cruising America’s Great Loop? What the heck is that? Would we want to consider it? After all, currently we don’t even have a boat!