10 Fun Things You Can Do In Your Dinghy!

AB DInghy Enjoying Belize Clear Waters

For commuter cruisers, a dinghy is the primary means of transportation … but it’s also the source of great fun! 1.  Dinghy Drift. “What the heck is a dinghy drift?”  …. my question the first time we were invited to such an event on the Rio Chagres  in Panama.   Turns out just another excuse to […]

15 Tips for Tilting Safety Odds in Your Favor!

Utila Anchorage

Cruising is usually a safe adventure, probably less dangerous than driving down an interstate highway.  But just like when you visit a big city, there are certain “rules” — don’t walk back streets alone after dark, everyone’s familiar with safety in big city rules.  Cruising has safety rules too and with crime on the increase, […]