How to Buy a Boat That’s Not For Sale

All I can say is, it must have been meant to be … but I’m still in the “pinch me, I’m dreaming” stage…..

Buying a Boat for The Great Loop

Before you start looking for a Great Loop boat, here are a few things to know … plus a list of our Top 20 considerations in selecting a boat…

Why Would Anyone Want to Cruise “The Great Loop”????

Cruising America’s Great Loop? What the heck is that? Would we want to consider it? After all, currently we don’t even have a boat!

Time To Go Explore!

Days are getting shorter, temperatures are more refreshing. As good CommuterCruisers, it’s time to switch from slalom skiing at the lake to hiking in the mountains.

Don’t Forget the Dinghy Anchor!

Please don’t leave the boat without an adequate dinghy anchor in the dinghy. It’s as important for your safety as a life jacket!

New Boat: Where Do We Want to Explore?

What do you do when you’re stuck at the very first step in selecting the right boat?

How To Use a Snubber With A Kellet

Nylon Anchor Snubber at Work

How to use both a snubber and a kellet for safer anchoring? One step at a time.

Battery Charger Saves the Day!

A portable battery charger has saved our day over and over … and over. Don’t be without one!

Get Rid of Boat Odors!

The #1 rule — if the boat smells there’s a reason and the culprit is likely better at playing hide n seek than you are at finding the source of the smell! Need help finding the issue?

The Last Anchorage … DeSoto Pointe, Florida’s West Coast

Bittersweet … our final anchorage aboard s/v Winterlude. After 15 years and countless countries and anchorages, it doesn’t seem possible that it’s over (for now). I miss my boat.