Bahamas Customs & Immigration

If you’re sailing to the Bahamas, you can help expedite the check-in process by downloading and filling out the Bahamas Customs Form.  I had a difficult time finding the link, so here’s the link to the exact spot for the form!   🙂

Downloadable PDF Bahamas Customs Form Here

There are no specific instructions on how many copies, so we filled out three sets, just in case.

Fair winds!    Jan



  1. Keith Davie says:

    Hey Jan, you probably caught it already, but the instructions on that linked page do say to fill out the form “in duplicate”.
    But having a spare can’t hurt!
    Btw, Nicki and I are currently in negotiations to buy a Pearson Alberg 35 yawl. Its a project boat, needs a lot of work, but the price is right! We’ll make it out there yet!
    Best, Keith

    • Keith – CONGRATS! Hopefully the Pearson Alberg 35 will be your ticket to cruising! All boats need a lot of work. And if you do most of it yourself, you’ll know how everything’s put together when it comes time to fix it! If you’re not confident to do it all yourself, ask to help or at least watch as a pro does his thing – that way you at least see what’s coming apart and what’s going back together! Cheers! Jan

    • Just finished completely refurbishing 1972 Pearson 35 that we bought in 2013.. Heading to Bahamas June through July with several boats and good friends. It was worth the work. 😄Sandy

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