Cruising Route: Belize to Panama

Thinking of cruising the Western Caribbean? Here’s a Google Map showing the route we took transitioning from the Northwest Caribbean to the Southwest Caribbean. a leisurely 4 months, from the Rio Dulce, Guatemala to Bocas Del Toro, Panama.

Cruising Route: Florida Keys to Northwest Caribbean: Mexico, Belize, Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Playing with Google Maps, I’ve created our route from Year 1 of cruising the Northwest Caribbean, from the Keys to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, down the Yucatan coastline to Belize, exploring Belize, then cruising up the Rio Dulce river to leave the boat for hurricane season. Each stop is clickable and has a photo, a description and a link to more info on that location. ENJOY!

Rio Dulce, Guatemala …Siempre Algo …

Life on the Rio Dulce can be interesting … waiting for weather, we find a good canvas by mistake, watch a launcha being towed in an unusual way and enjoy many conversations in Spanish with a local teak guru, some of which provided a chuckle due to my mediocre grasp of the language. 🙂

Marinas In The Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Are you a commuter cruiser thinking of leaving your boat in the Rio Dulce River, Guatemala for hurricane season next spring?  Imagine never worrying about a hurricane and your boat!   We enjoyed this luxury for two years when we left our boat 20 miles up the Rio Dulce River (through gorgeous scenery in canyons […]

Sail Winterlude Adventures

From planning the dream, to buying the boat, to actually leaving the dock to go cruise the Western Caribbean for six years, our cruising dream came true.  Maybe it took a little longer and maybe the boat is a bit smaller, but we’ve been commuter cruising since 2001 – over 11 years and 11,000 miles […]

Blisters & Rio Dulce

Originally written in 2007, this article on blisters, a potential connection with fresh warm water and getting blisters fixed in LaCeiba Honduras, is still relevant to anyone needing blister repair in the Northwest Caribbean.   Two years after we had the blisters repaired, Winterlude was hauled at Shelter Bay Marina in Colon Panama.  The barrier coat […]

Catamaran Island Hotel and Marina, Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Catamaran Island Hotel & Marina, RIo Dulce, Guatemala

In this hurricane season, I’m longing for the times Winterlude was safely in the Rio Dulce, Guatemala!  I forgot what it was like to worry about hurricanes and our boat! Catamaran Marina was the first marina where we left Winterlude after we left the U.S.   We loved it and would go back if the wind […]