Sailing Into Retirement: New Book Review


Want to sail into retirement? This new book is a good starting point from those that have been there, done that!

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

2015: Gift Ideas for Boaters


Looking for the perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for someone that lives on a boat?  Since there’s such limited room, finding a gift can be challenging.  Here are a few ideas from stuff we have that we love … or items that are on my Christmas list … hint hint Santa.  🙂   Most of […]

15 Don’t Miss Ideas for 4 Days in Denver


4 days in Denver? Highlights and suggestions on things you may want to do!

When Does a Wooly Worm Cross the Road?

When does a wooly worm cross the road?

Wooly worm, wooly worm …. crossing the road … are you a bit confused or did I lose a couple months?

It’s A Ragtop Day!

It's a Ragtop Day!

What a great feeling!

Summer = Watermelon

Rowan enjoys his summer watermelon.

Summer = Watermelon. Happy Summer Solstice!

10 Ideas To Make Life Aboard Easier or Better

The best quick dry towel we've tried, and we've tried a bunch over the years.

Solving the stinky towel problem, having the right metric tool for that oddball project, to not tripping over 12v cords: 10 ideas to make life better or easier aboard the boat.

Chartering a Boat? 10 Mistakes To Avoid.

VivarillosAnchorage copy

Things no one tells you that you need to know before a charter vacation. Don’t spend hundreds of unplanned vacation dollars (& waste valuable vacation time) aground. Or waste a vacation day hunting a pumpout marina when your holding tank was half empty.

Pausing Just A Moment in Thanks

WWIIMemorialStormSunset copy

Pausing just a moment in our wonderful fun Memorial Day weekend to remember why we celebrate this holiday. And thanking all those that have given their lives to defend our right to do so. Happy Memorial Day. Never forget.