Hola Cuba!

Yes, we’re finally in Cuba, but wifi and other normalcies of life are different here!  LOTS and lots of excitement and information to come.  But for now, I have to wait until I can find wifi good enough to even post a small photo.  We’ve been here 8 days and this is the first time for wifi.  Thanks goodness for Sailmail and my Icom M802 SSB radio!  Surprisingly, even though we’re in Marina Hemingway (often connecting with the SSB is not possible in a marina), we’re able to connect just about every day!

Ahhhh... sailing, blue skies, dolphins ... does it get better?

Ahhhh… sailing, blue skies, dolphins … does it get better?

For now I’ll just say that Cuba is the land of contradictions and we’re loving every minute!  We plan to stay a month … maybe longer.  At least through President Obama’s historic trip to Cuba!   Yes, we know the Rolling Stones are doing a free concert here, but word on the street is that the concert starts at 9 PM and we’d need to arrive by 7 AM in order to get into the concert.  YIKES, not sure about that, but we’ll see.

Cheers from Cuba!  Jan & David


  1. Jim Allen says:

    what are slip fees like there??

  2. Totally tickled for you guys – can’t wait for tales and pictures!

  3. Hi Jan and David,
    Congratulations ! I look forward to hearing more details. A friend was recently in Cuba and said it seemed like it would be hard to get supplies and food for visiting yachties (few grocery stores and most operating with a system of food stamps?). How are you finding it?
    Maria and Patrick (formerly on french SV Spray, now on Mareda.)

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