Hurricane Preparedness #4

#4.  Ensure all hatches & companionways are locked and water tight.

#5.  If your boat’s on a cradle or lift, remove the drain plug to prevent water accumulated weight … better yet, no boats should be on a lift or cradle with a hurricane coming, so if there are other options, GO FOR IT!!!

#6.  If leaving is not an option, make sure the boat is tied securely to the cradle or lift to prevent movement caused by MAJOR wind!!!

#7.  Make sure all cockpit drains are clear — you really don’t want to come back & find that your boat was sunk because the cockpit drains were clogged!   aaarrrggg!!!

#8.   Make sure the batteries are fully charged and that the bilge pumps are working and float switches are not stuck because of crap that can float in in the most unexpected ways!!!

Next …. Have a Caretaker!!!



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