Expecting the Unexpected

Expect the unexpected is my mantra when returning to the boat. There’s always something … but the good news is that in the US, what we can’t fix ourselves, we can ask help from friends and if we still can’t fix it, ugh, we can pay a pro… Soon, very soon! 🙂

B.O.A.T. Know What It Means?

Someone once said: “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you the kind of misery you prefer.”

Where To Spend Hurricane Season?

Burnt Store Marina North Basin, Hurricane Charley 2004

Hurricane season is fast approaching. Commuter Cruisers around the Caribbean and USA will be making decisions on where to leave their boats for this season. Here are a few tips.

Checklist for Those Inevitable Transitions …

I hate leaving the boat. But it’s that time again (early this year since we’re headed west to explore national parks) Here’s our updated haulout/storage checklist if anyone needs a starting place.

Don’t Get Burned! Check That Electric Meter!

Don’t forget to check the electric meter when you pull into a marina!

First Things First

After we get the bird and rat crap off the exterior so we can actually walk aboard, what next? We need to be able to walk through the boat below… and the mainsail is in the way….

Teetering …. but Life Is Good!

We walked down the dock, and recoiled from the mess … the boat was green, birdcrap everywhere, mold was all over the exterior white fiberglass, OMGoodness…. is it the worst time we’ve EVER returned to the boat?

Transitions & Reflections…..

“The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” ― John Muir It’s time for transitions and reflections … see what we’re up to day to day on our way back to the boat.

Checklist to Leave the House

Fall is fast approaching meaning we’ll be leaving the house for several months. Need a starter checklist for leaving the house?

All Choked Up….

It’s possible I’m crazy …