Splash! What’s Right … and what’s …. not so right….

The MESS!  We'll clean it up & clear it out tomorrow!

Boats don’t like to be abandoned every year and they will retaliate! Expecting it,makes it easier not to temporarily lose enthusiasm for cruising! Although I will admit, each year I feel like sitting in a corner and crying over whatever has gone wrong this year…. No worries, we’ll sort it out & be “out there” soon!

What’s In Your Pile?

The pile keeps growing ...

As Commuter Cruisers, we always seem to have piles and piles of stuff when we return to the boat… one year the piles included the hydraulics for a below decks autopilot (all the way to Bocas Del Toro, Panama) — this year is much easier, but the piles just keep mounting … What’s in YOUR piles? 🙂

Expecting the Unexpected

Home Sweet Home

Expect the unexpected is my mantra when returning to the boat. There’s always something … but the good news is that in the US, what we can’t fix ourselves, we can ask help from friends and if we still can’t fix it, ugh, we can pay a pro… Soon, very soon! 🙂


Cruising San Blas Islands

We’re “officially” short-timers!   Time is getting closer to returning to s/v Winterlude, currently on the hard at Marathon Boat Yard in the Florida Keys!  We’re excited, although, as usual, we’re not entirely sure about where our cruising plans for the winter may take us – wherever the warm winds blow? Part of it may depend […]

Erika GO AWAY! We Have No Windows

Main hatch with cover guard in place.  And yes, we have someone that checks on the boat checking to make sure nothing is leaking inside.

Replacement hatch acrylic may or may not be installed in time for Erika. Do YOU think the blue stuff will hold up in torrential rains? There are a couple new links for hurricane tracking in this post that are very cool (thx Jody!).

B.O.A.T. Know What It Means?

RIP to our 30 year old Hurth V-Drive transmission

Someone once said: “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you the kind of misery you prefer.”

Working With a Boatyard From Afar

The rudder assembly required rebuilding ... hopefully it's better than new!

As commuter cruisers, we often find ourselves managing major projects with a boatyard while we’re not there… not the best way, but we don’t want to waste our precious six months sailing in a boatyard … here are some tips from our experiences…

I HATE Leaving the Boat!

Winterlude is still waiting, not so patiently for our return....

I hate leaving the boat … but if we don’t leave the boat, we can’t explore Southwest Utah in our travel trailer … so for now, we’re off! We’ll be back soon!

Where To Spend Hurricane Season?

Burnt Store Marina North Basin, Hurricane Charley 2004

Hurricane season is fast approaching. Commuter Cruisers around the Caribbean and USA will be making decisions on where to leave their boats for this season. Here are a few tips.

Checklist for Those Inevitable Transitions …

Our last anchored out sunset for this spring was pretty spectacular and the photo never does them justice, but ...

I hate leaving the boat. But it’s that time again (early this year since we’re headed west to explore national parks) Here’s our updated haulout/storage checklist if anyone needs a starting place.