Queen of Paralysis by Analysis

Am I the only one with this problem?  Anyone else tend to overthink everything?

I should know, I’m the Queen of Paralysis by Analysis.   Information overload!!!

Anchored behind

Anchored behind “No Particular Cut” Southern Belize

What is Paralysis by Analysis?  It means that no matter what the subject, I can research it to death and find so many opposing views that I just spin with the decision process.  It’s good to know most sides of any important decision, but it can also be a BIG problem.

Right now in the boatyard, we’re debating about upgrading our refrigerator.  No question that our Adler Barbour Super Cold Plate still works fine.  The condenser was replaced in 2010 and the entire unit freezes and keeps the refrigerator at acceptable temps.  BUT, it uses alot of energy.  More than we planned for alternative energy.  As long as the sun is shining, we can usually survive for a couple of days on our 225 watts of solar without having to run our Honda 2000.  We should have installed 450 watts of solar, but we didn’t know that at the time.  Now our choices are to change the refrigerator to a more energy efficient unit (Frigoboat?) or let the Adler Barbour keep on chillin’.

There are many sides of this equation and I’ve analyzed them to death – to the point that everyone is sick of my questions.  And I still haven’t decided.

Bottom Sandblasted  Then there’s bottom paint.  We use white bottom paint.  It just looks nicer on our dark dark green (almost black) hull.  But finding white bottom paint that works is a PITA.  Out of the country it’s not an issue — light silver Islands 44 by Sea Hawk is great.  But it’s not available in the US.

Two years ago we tried Pettit Vivid.  Never again.

This year our choices are to go back to Micron CSC which we used before leaving the US or to try white E-Paint which a few boats in our area are claiming success.  The Micron CSC (Trinidad isn’t made in white) is OK, but not great… is there anything better?  We need to make a decision now!

Weather is worse.  Passage weather just feeds on my Paralysis by Analysis obsession.  Did you know that there are dozens of weather sources?  And they never agree?  We’re greedy, but if a passage should take a couple of days, we prefer a good weather window a day before we leave and a day after we plan to arrive.  And if a front is passing, we want a day to let the waves settle before we venture out into the wild blue yonder.  Last winter fronts were literally coming through at 2-3 a week, no room for the next one speeding up or to let the waves settle.  I guess I’m not only the Queen of Paralysis by Analysis but also the Queen of Wimp!

Winterlude  under sail to the Florida Keys

Winterlude under sail to the Florida Keys

Having said that, you know what’s WORSE than worse?  Never leaving the dock or doing anything paralyzed by analysis.

Just another sunset in paradise....

Just another sunset in paradise….

And, yes, I think I’ll call the boatyard and tell them just to install the dang refrigerator.  Hopefully this winter we won’t wake up every morning wondering if our batteries are OK.  Anyone want to buy a used Adler Barbour Super Cold Plate (a new one is over $1600, we’ll make a deal!) and condenser?

Anyone else with this obsession?  You’re not alone!  Please feel free to leave a comment and share!

Cheers!  Jan


  1. scott hitt says:

    my partner(ahem, business partner)is King of PBA! our mantra is: him;aim, aim, aim, aim AND aim! me; shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot! ha so you see it all works out. double ha.

    • Unfortunately being the Type A between my husband & I, he waffles with me. But he was SAR in the Coast Guard years ago and swore he’d never go to sea again. I guess I’m lucky he consented to go commuter cruising initially! 🙂 But these days when I worry about the weather forecast, he’s happy to go for a daysail or worse, stay at the dock & hang out with friends.

  2. Mary Mishler says:

    We replaced our Adler Barbour with the Frigoboat on our Passport 37 two years a go and could not be happier. Refrigeration unit is the size of a football so we freed up a lot of storage space. We run 300 watts of solar and we always have a cold fridge and freezes like a charm. Takes up very little energy, frees up space and is super easy to install and does not require recharging… ..hardest part was taking out all the old big heavy stuff.

    • THANKS Mary!

      Does your configuration have the fridge side (with the door and top opening) and the “other side” against the hull as the freezer? We’re still debating the best configuration – imagine that! 🙂

      It always helps to hear encouragement from someone with the same boat! Now I’m in the doubting Thomas phase … “OK, well, I only told them Friday, we could change our minds….” Hopeless! But after it’s done, all will be well and we’ll enjoy not defrosting an inch of frost literally every week or sometimes less. 🙂 Cheers! Jan

  3. Don’t even think about ePaint EP-ZO. It was a costly mistake for me.

  4. I use Seahawk Tropicoat with Biocide/ 75% Copper; works great! Currently in the Sea of Cortez.

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