Sailing Into Retirement: New Book Review

Want to sail into retirement? This new book is a good starting point from those that have been there, done that!

Why Join SSCA & Aspire to be a Commodore?

After 15 years, new SSCA rules finally allow us to become Commodores! As part-time cruisers, you may qualify!

Waking Up From a Dream

We dreamed of sailing off into the sunset. We made our dreams come true. And now we’re boatless and unsure how we feel …

Pandemonium in Paradise

Hell Week … that’s what locals and folks in the service industries call the week between Christmas and New Years in Key West.  Here at the marina is no exception.   From sunken/lost boats to bumper boats to fuel spills and not to forget the explosion wreck, it’s been pandemonium in paradise this week.  In the […]

Have A Very Merry Christmas!

Santa's Christmas Carolers Serenaded Every Boat in the Lighthouse Anchorage, BZ

Remember that the stars you see tonight are the same stars that led the Wise Men. And the same stars that your family and friends are seeing wherever they may be!

Spot the Station NASA

We saw the International Space Station fly over! Have you seen it? Here’s how to find it!

Early Morning Sea Turtle Rescue

Early morning sea turtle rescue! Never a dull moment!

I Live on a BOAT! :)

I am SO lucky! I live on a BOAT! Lots of boat projects, but today we had time off for good behavior!

Don’t Forget the Dinghy Drain Plug!

Buckets of “liquid sunshine” this weekend. Don’t sink your family car!

What’s In Your Pile?

As Commuter Cruisers, we always seem to have piles and piles of stuff when we return to the boat… one year the piles included the hydraulics for a below decks autopilot (all the way to Bocas Del Toro, Panama) — this year is much easier, but the piles just keep mounting … What’s in YOUR piles? 🙂