Waking Up From a Dream

We dreamed of sailing off into the sunset. We made our dreams come true. And now we’re boatless and unsure how we feel …

Early Morning Sea Turtle Rescue

Early morning sea turtle rescue! Never a dull moment!

I Live on a BOAT! :)

I am SO lucky! I live on a BOAT! Lots of boat projects, but today we had time off for good behavior!

Don’t Forget the Dinghy Drain Plug!

Buckets of “liquid sunshine” this weekend. Don’t sink your family car!

Queen of Paralysis by Analysis

Anchored in Belize

Anyone else obsessed with researching and analyzing every little thing to death? I am the Queen of Analysis Paralysis! And that’s NOT a good thing!

I Love Living on a Boat …

I love living on a boat … I love living on a boat … Maybe if I keep repeating this mantra, the clog in the holding tank vent hose will go away …  and the smell in the boat will go away … gotta keep it all in perspective ….. Happy Christmas Eve!   I love […]

Why Sailing Into The Sunset Isn’t Forever

Recently friends told us “you need to get s/v Winterlude back to Bocas Del Toro (Panama) – the boats we originally went cruising with are gone”! Why cruisers choose to sell their boats.

“Either You Run The Day, Or The Day Runs You!” … Jim Rohn

So so true – especially when you’re either spring commissioning or spring packing the boat away for hurricane season….