Raising Kids Dangerously

Too much has already been said about the recent s/v Rebel Heart rescue at sea.  Unfortunately alot is ignorant, uninformed nonsense about raising kids on a cruising sailboat.  We’ve been lucky enough to know cruising families raising their kids in the confines of a small sailboat.

The first thing I always notice about these kids – and families – is that they are amazingly intelligent, well-adjusted, competent in handling the boat and fiercely independent.   Life aboard a cruising sailboat opens new horizons to children, they are exposed to nature and of necessity their little playmates are from many different cultures.

But we are not a “kid boat” so, here’s an eloquent post by fellow boat mom, Diane Selkirk, who describes their decision to raise their daughter aboard a sailboat cruising the world, followed by a kid boat tribute video put together by cruising families from around the world in support of the Kaufman’s aboard sv Rebel Heart.

Photo by Diane Selkirk

Photo by Diane Selkirk

Raising A Child Dangerously, by Diane Selkirk — a must read!

If you’d like to help the Kaufman’s aboard sv Rebel Heart, who lost everything, here’s the link.   Fellow cruisers and others have already contributed $10,000. And please watch the video tribute, it will make you smile.

I just hope that someday when Gilly, Rowan, Chase and Dane (our grandkids) are a bit older that we have the opportunity to take them cruising – even if it’s only coastal – and watch their amazement in the lifestyle we sometimes take for granted.



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