Don’t Forget the Dinghy Anchor!

Please don’t leave the boat without an adequate dinghy anchor in the dinghy. It’s as important for your safety as a life jacket!

How To Use a Snubber With A Kellet

Nylon Anchor Snubber at Work

How to use both a snubber and a kellet for safer anchoring? One step at a time.

Insurance for Your Windlass: 7 Tips for Using a Snubber

Snubber Nylon is Taunt and Chain is Loose. Note the Filefish Hanging Out by Our Anchor Chain!

If you’re using an all chain rode, think of a nylon snubber as insurance for your windlass!  A windlass was not designed to be a cleat to hold anchor chain!  In anchorages all around south Florida as well as the western Caribbean, we are continually amazed at how many boats utilize a snubber ineffectively – […]

The Exit Strategy – Plan Your Moves Before Happy Hour Begins!

Exit Strategy - Plan Moves Before Happy Hour Begins

Even in the most idyllic of anchorages, the wind can come up in the middle of the night and cause trouble.  At times like this we always have an action plan to follow if our anchor begins to drag.  Experienced has convinced me that when something goes wrong while a boat is at anchor, trouble […]