All Choked Up….

Is it only me?  When we step off sv Winterlude every year to leave for hurricane season, I get all choked up and have to fight a tear or two as we walk down the dock.



We’re looking forward to this summer … racing Y Flyers (18′ one design scows), slalom skiing as often as we can (water, not snow), spending time with family and friends and picking up our new travel trailer for our National Parks adventure next summer.  But I’ll miss life aboard.

As a side note, we decided to put up our Shadetree awnings this summer to help protect the boat from sun and birds – even though it has a new coat of wax and several new coats of varnish, the sun is hard on it.  Which seems dumb when you think we just spent alot of effort removing every sail and piece of canvas.  But our caretaker will come strip the Shadetree awnings off if a hurricane forms in the Gulf so we’re hopeful.  This was either a very good decision, or a very bad decision and only time will tell.

Goodbye for now Winterlude, we’ll see you this fall!   Stay safe!


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