Don’t Forget the Dinghy Anchor!

Please don’t leave the boat without an adequate dinghy anchor in the dinghy. It’s as important for your safety as a life jacket!

How To Use a Snubber With A Kellet

Nylon Anchor Snubber at Work

How to use both a snubber and a kellet for safer anchoring? One step at a time.

Battery Charger Saves the Day!

A portable battery charger has saved our day over and over … and over. Don’t be without one!

Get Rid of Boat Odors!

The #1 rule — if the boat smells there’s a reason and the culprit is likely better at playing hide n seek than you are at finding the source of the smell! Need help finding the issue?

Anchor Down Euphoria!

Anchorage at Isla Mujeres, Open to the Northwest During Northers, Not Great Holding

What NOT to do when the anchor’s down in paradise.

How We Use Our Honda 2000 …

Our Honda 2000 generator is the most used last minute purchase we made before leaving the US. We wanted to be “green” and not use it, but… The reality is, we need it!

Keepin’ the Beer COLD (Cerveza Fria!)

Solving the age old crisis of keeping the beer chilled while drinking it …. one chilled beer at a time.

Review: Boat Bluetooth Speaker: Compact, Waterproof & Floats!

We just got a new bluetooth speaker that we love!  Our 30 year old boat has an antiquated Jensen CD stereo with scratchy (at best) speakers and no speakers in the cockpit. We’ve been drooling over the Bose Soundlink III bluetooth speaker for two years, but haven’t gotten around to springing for almost $300.  We […]

Where Has Your Boat Galley Cookbook Traveled?

How many more countries and US states can we add to the Boat Galley Travels photo section? So far The Boat Galley Cookbook has traveled to 7 countries and 11 different states — all around the world! Please submit a photo of where your Boat Galley Cookbook has traveled – see the right side column to click the entry form! Cheers!

Live-Aboards: Need a Good Screen Enclosure?

Live-aboards? Need a sturdy, one piece pop-up screen enclosure for your “outdoor living area”? Or anyone that wants a study, one piece pop-up, quick set-up screen enclosure … take a look at Clam Outdoors “Quick-Set” series of enclosures.