Checklist to Leave the Boat for the Holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching, commuter cruisers may be thinking about leaving the boat and flying home to spend the season with family and grandkids!

We didn’t always use a checklist to leave the boat for just a few weeks.   The first year we were cruising, we left the boat in Isla Mujeres, Mexico at Marina Paraiso while we flew back.  We were obviously not paying enough attention – I accidentally left a cabbage in the food hammock above our rear quarterberth.   It must have been a well-aged cabbage to begin with because when we returned there was a stench coming from the boat that you could smell outside in the cockpit.  Ugh, what a GROSS mess!  Rotted, slimey cabbage is NOT something you want to return home to!  Trust me!   Now we remove any food that might spoil from both the refrigerator and boat, hammocks, lockers or hanging baskets.

Click here to download our Holiday Checklist.

You can modify it for your own needs.  Keep in mind, we don’t do all these things every time we leave for a week.  But if we’re planning to be gone inland adventuring or home for the holidays for more than a week, most of these things get checked off.

Happy Holidays from Commuter Cruiser and David & Jan!  If I’ve missed something you use on your Leave the Boat for the Holidays checklist, please leave a comment and I can add it to the PDF!   THANKS!  Jan



  1. Candy Ann Williams via Facebook says:

    Great checklist.

  2. Thanks Candy!

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