Caretaker Checklist

Specific expectations are critical to success when you have a caretaker watch your boat during hurricane season.  We like to leave written instructions for our caretaker.   That way he/she can remind themselves each time they’re aboard insuring that the requested tasks will be completed – well, more or less…

If you’re leaving the boat out of the country with a caretaker that doesn’t speak English, being highly specific is even more important.  In this case, you may need to leave the instructions in Spanish!  Get someone that’s bi-lingual to help if your Spanish (or any other language) isn’t quite up to the task!

Once we’ve developed the list, then we find a caretaker, refer to my How To Find A Caretaker post, and review the instructions in detail in person.

Here’s a sample of our checklist from 2011.  The boat is in southwest Florida in the hurricane zone, so the instructions this year are a bit different than when we were out of the country, but it gives you the general idea.


Click here to download a Sample Caretaker Checklist PDF!

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