Never A Dull Moment

Today was “prep” day for our Thanksgiving celebration with my Dad & family starting tomorrow.  While I was busy breaking green beans, cleaning broccoli and cauliflower, frying bacon and …. there was a huge commotion outside.  It sounded like giant fish thrashing and splashing … oh and the squawking decibel level?  Right outside the cockpit?

I forgot about breaking beans and ran upstairs.  When I saw the cormorants battling for the fish, I ducked below for the camera — when will I remember to grab the camera as I run up the companionway?  Anyway, as usual, the drama was unfolding before I could photograph it.  Everything just moves too fast sometimes!  But bottom line, one cormorant apparently ticked off the other by stealing his fish.  They kept diving and surfacing … a different cormorant possessing the fish at any given time above the water.  It was quite entertaining.

They're fighting over what looks like a catfish?  I like catfish, but, there are others better....

They’re fighting over what looks like a catfish? I like catfish, but, there are others better….

Later, as I was finally cleaning up and washing dishes … the starboard tank ran out of water.  Where else but on a boat can you run out of water in the middle of doing dishes?  I switched to the other tank & asked David if he would mind refilling the starboard tank.  When he went up to get the hose, he was surprised to find a giant manatee sunning himself on our springline closest to the fresh water hose (shut off).  🙂  By the time I got upstairs, the manatee was gone.  Story of my life, not quite quick enough to get the photo.

So tomorrow we’re off to spend a few days with my 92 year old Dad (he’s the reason we’re sticking close this winter) and celebrate Thanksgiving!  Next week, we’ll celebrate with kids & grandkids.   Keeping my fingers crossed that our 3 year old grandson will ask to spend the night aboard  the boat, instead of with his mom & dad in the duplex across the street …  Who knows, maybe we can even teach him to drive the dinghy.

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