#tbt Back in the Day…

Back in the day, David was a Quartermaster First Class in the US Coast Guard.   He was both the navigator and helmsman – before the age of electronic navigation.  Back in the 60’s they actually used paper charts and *gasp* celestial navigation.

Dave Irons QM

During family vacations, he noticed Coast Guard guys patrolling the Lake of the Ozarks, flirting with the cute girls in bikinis.  Thinking that was just the ticket, he enlisted.  Unfortunately he was stationed in Puerto Rico and Corpus Christie, TX, not flirting with cute girls in bikinis.

By the time I met David, he’d been out of the Coast Guard for decades and swore he’d NEVER go to sea again.  I guess those SAR (search & rescue) missions and several rough Mona Passage transits got the best of him.

But having no idea of what I didn’t know, I had a dream to go cruising someday.  I’m pretty sure David didn’t take it seriously until I bought the boat …

Uh Oh…..

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