A Sure Sign It’s Time To Get Out of the Marina!

When the local ospreys sit on the bobblehead owl at the top of the mast across the dock from us, it’s time to get out of the marina.  🙂

A sure sign it's time to get out of the marina!

A sure sign it’s time to get out of the marina!

Birds!  I’m afraid to do start my two coats of varnish … bird crap on fresh varnish can’t be a good thing….

Our list is finally getting shorter … the below decks autopilot has leaking seals that need replaced, we’re waiting on our new furling line to come in at West Marine so we can replace the old one and I really need to get those maintenance coats on the varnish.    And we need a shakedown cruise!  Knock on teak!


  1. sven martinez says:

    Try an airsoft gun. you can go automatic and put at barrels of 6mm pellets.

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