Pump Out vs Dump Station

Pumpout Boat

Pumpout Boat Refused to Return Until We Fixed Our Gushing Geyser Problem!

I’ve decided I really like the nautical terminology for getting rid of the waste in the boat much better than the terminology used while camping.

On the boat we “pump out”.   The trailer visits the “dump station”.   While they both achieve the same end result,  dump station just sounds so gross and smelly.

Both first experiences were memorable —  in Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, our boat’s deck pumpout hadn’t been used in a while … which resulted in a geyser that caused the pumpout boat to let us know in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t returning until we fixed the problem (turned out it was a clogged vent).

A boat is pumped out with suction because of the holding tank configuration usually being below the pump out boat or dock.  But clever names for pump out boats — such as “Honeydipper” at least make it interesting.

Our first dump station with the new RV was in the POURING rain … with the temperature hovering somewhere around 38 degrees…  not exactly what we had in mind for our first camping experience with the new trailer.  But it is what it is …

Our first

Our first “dump” with the new travel trailer … in the pouring rain and cold.

In contrast with the boat being pumped out, relying on suction, the trailer relies totally on gravity, stuff goes down the pot directly below into the black water tank.  Then when we attach the exterior sewage hose and pull the handle, gravity works its magic, emptying the trailer black water tank into the dump station below ground.

And amazingly, at least so far, we’ve had no smell with the RV dump stations, but when boats are being pumped out, being downwind is not a good spot!  The stench is definitely noticeable.

Neither is preferable, just necessary to enjoy paradise, whether it’s paradise in a national park or clear blue water in the Florida Keys …  Enjoy!  Cheers!   Jan

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