Tips To Take Sails Off (Reverse It to Put Them Back On)

If you’ve ever replaced the sails, you know that it’s an expensive investment.   We tend to take good care of expensive investments because we don’t have the money to be replacing them every few years.  Our sails are now almost 13 years old and because we take care of them and store them inside for the six months we’re not aboard, they’ve weathered very little, despite being to Cartagena Colombia and back.

Taking the sails off is always a sad day, signaling the end of this winter’s living aboard (hopefully next winter it will become cruising again).  I’ve done many posts on this subject in the past, so here’s a composite list.  Hopefully you’ll find some helpful tips in these posts!

roll mainsail

Taking Care of the Mainsail

How To Flake a Sail

Flaked Jib

Removing a Roller Furled Jib

Step By Step Roller Furled Jib Back On

(a step by step photo essay, lots of detail – to take it off, just reverse the steps)

And just in case you were even remotely contemplating leaving the sails and canvas on the boat while you’re away during hurricane season, check out this post on Hurricane Charley – not our friend here in the same marina back before going cruising in 2004.    Friday the 13th, 2004.

This part of being a commuter cruiser isn’t necessarily fun, but we think it’s very important.  Do you have more tips for taking care of expensive sails?  Please leave a comment and share!  Cheers!  Jan


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