Checklist To Leave Boat in Water

Everyone has their own checklist to leave a boat in a marina in the water while you’re gone, but in case you’re just developing yours, here’s the one we use.  Not all the items apply every year depending on where we are, but hopefully this PDF provides a framework for you to think about your own checklist.

Prioritized Leave Winterlude in Water List

Over the years, one of the items on the checklist that has continually proven itself to be invaluable is our hand drawn diagram of all our boat’s systems … i.e. seacocks, etc.  We post this diagram above the navigation desk.      This diagram is particularly valuable if anything should happen to the boat — it shows at a glance where potential solutions might be to a problem.



  1. […] For those that have asked, here’s our “Leave the Boat on the Hard Checklist” – in downloadable PDF format.  Out of the 15 years we’ve been commuter cruisers, we’ve only left sv Winterlude for six months on the hard three times.  Once in Shelter Bay Marina, Ft Sherman, Panama, a few years ago; two years ago Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage, Placida, FL; and this summer, Marathon Boatyard, Marathon/Keys, FL.  Other than that, sv Winterlude is usually in the water while we’re away — for our “Checklist To Leave Boat in the Water” click here. […]

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