My Newest Life Jacket

The neck strap and wrist straps make it easy to carry the camera everywhere.

Charlie Tuna already has one of my cell phones, I don’t intend to give him a phone upgrade with my new camera phone!

Happy New Year 2014!


Is this your year to sail off into the sunset? Why not? Read a goal oriented suggestion at the end of this short post.

Dark Hull Boats: Fact & Fiction

A Kuna Fisherman Offers a Crab in Exchange for a Gallon of Gas

Lots of discussion on various cruising bulletin boards about the disadvantages of dark hulled boats. Since we’ve been lucky enough to have a dark hulled boat since 2001 and cruised in it to Cartagena, Colombia and back to the US, here’s our experience.

50+ Gift Ideas for Cruisers

Our tiny Christmas tree and angel the first year we didn't fly back to the US for Christmas - 2006

Whew, Black Friday & Cyber Monday are finally history!  Now we can think about the upcoming holiday season.  While we were actually out cruising, we celebrated with our tiny Christmas tree, nativity scene, decorations and special meals with special friends, plus a small present bought locally — if we were anywhere that we could buy […]

Refrigeration Surprise: Half the Amps?!

Blue foam insulation "lids" - separate for the freezer side versus the refrigerator size

On most boats, refrigeration contributes more to daiily amp consumption than any other single item. So imagine our surprise to learn we could cut our amp consumption in HALF for our Adler Barbour ColdPlate! And it seems to be working!

What A Wonderful Life!

Dolphins Accompany Winterlude on Passage

Perspective, it’s all about perspective. And even when we’re adding more “fix it” projects to our list than we’re crossing off, and even if we’re not away from the dock yet … it’s still a wonderful life!

San Blas Cruising Reality: Heaven With Challenges


As we continue the process of returning to the boat & getting it ready to go sailing, I remember my original cruising dream 12 years ago … buying my own molas while cruising the island paradise, Kuna Yala … better known as the San Blas Islands, Panama.

Adding a Fuel Polishing System … Is It Enough?

Another view of our fuel polishing system

Leaving a boat unattended for any period of time equates to increased “dirty” diesel issues. Here’s how we solved (knock on teak!) our annual diesel fuel issues as commuter cruisers.

Do I Need a Whisker Pole?


When we bought Winterlude, our Passport 37, there was no whisker pole. Being one design racing sailors, one of the first things we added was a whisker pole … and we use it all the time. Here’s how and why ….

10 Tips: If Your Boat’s Stuck Aground

IMG_3391 copy 2

“If you’ve sailed enough, you’ve either been aground, will be aground or you’re lying” began our introduction to sailing a cruising sailboat. But there are lots of options to help yourself without calling in reinforcements. Here are some tips for when the inevitable shifting sandbar screws up your day.