Living On A Boat: Remember the Learning Curve?

Whew … the learning curve is STEEP when you move onto a boat.  Doesn’t matter if you’ve lived aboard before.  A different boat is a different boat!  We knew s/v Winterlude, our 1985 Passport 37 sailboat inside and out.  Any little noise, we both knew exactly what that was.  Today the bilge went off & we both ran outside exclaiming “what was THAT????”.  Yep, a new boat is a new learning curve.

In that vein, we’re almost entirely moved aboard.  Now where did we put XYZ???  And why won’t the Sony stereo come on and play that Christmas channel that the prior owner showed us just before he left???

So much to learn, so much frustration, so much fun, so much …. so much….  And we haven’t even left the slip … yet.  🙂

Stacks and stacks of instruction manuals … good, but overwhelming!

Dig into the manuals (luckily we have stacks & stacks) … learning what noise should concern us and which doesn’t matter …

Relax on the back porch? Not quite yet!

Will we ever get to relax and just sit on the back porch with a glass of wine?   🙂   Soon …. soon…..


  1. So excited for you both! Remember, there will never be another “first time”. Enjoy!

    • So so true! All the little noises in the night that wake you up because you’re not yet accustomed to the boat? We’re a bit surprised at all the learning curve things we’d forgotten, but yet, not at all… All in good time! 🙂 J&D

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