Provisioning … a Start…

3 months in the Bahamas!  T minus 27 days & counting!  Finally we’re down to actually getting ready, checking items off the list daily!  Today’s major task was to start provisioning … after all Publix had canned chicken buy one get one free!  Over the next two weeks, we’ll be stocking up — and I’ll keep a list and update our provisioning spreadsheet.  If anyone’s interested in seeing what we take for 90 days, I’ll do a post as we get closer on more specifics.  It’ll be a piece of cake after we provisioned for six months annually while in the Western Caribbean.  Today we bought out WalMart and Publix for canned goods – and only have maybe half of what we’ll take, but we generally do it in stages, then stow and rearrange and do it all over again.   🙂

But right now, it was supposed to rain all day today and it’s bright and sunny … and the pool is calling our names!   Cheers!  J&D


  1. Relinda Ted Broom via Facebook says:

    Looks like you are buying out the stores.

  2. Relinda Ted Broom via Facebook says:

    Are you using Carolyns spreed sheet for provisoning or just winging it??

  3. Ted – yes, I started with the spreadsheet on – 🙂

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