Time To Go Explore!

Days are getting shorter, temperatures are more refreshing. As good CommuterCruisers, it’s time to switch from slalom skiing at the lake to hiking in the mountains.

6 Months Later … Yeti vs Pelican vs Engel vs Grizzly vs Yukon … Revisited …

6 months later … our Grizzly premium cooler spent 3 months in the Florida Keys aboard the boat and 3 months camping from south Florida to the Southwest Utah desert canyons. Would we buy another “premium cooler”? How did it go?

What the Heck is an iSUP? (inflatable stand up paddleboard)

Are you like me and think standing up paddling around on a surfboard is nuts? Try it before you make up your mind, you might be like me and think twice.

Leave These OUT of Your Boat Fridge

Refrigerators on boats are small. So what goes in & what can safely stay out?

More Sunscreen on More Stuff!

Who knew that the 303 Aerospace Protectant we love aboard the boat would also become a staple of our preventative maintenance on the travel trailer. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Dinner Cooks Itself. Thermal Cooker Aboard?

Dinner waiting when I’m exhausted from snorkeling all day, or hiking over a spectacular mountain pass? Yes, please!

I Need a Plan

Where to go? What to do? How’s a Type A managing with our new “it’s the journey, not the destination” philosophy?

12v Charging Electronics on the Water or Road

Figuring out how to power my MacBook Air, our phones and other gadgets with 12 volt plugs we had added to the travel trailer (already in the boat), was a challenge! So far, so good!

Pump Out vs Dump Station

Pumpout Boat

Nautical terminology it seems is always more “romantic” than camping terminology!

Java Dilemma

Recognize this? Cowboy coffee? We’re outfitting the travel trailer galley – starting from scratch, and naturally the most important item in my galley is making coffee! But the trailer has no electricity … so my Keurig on the boat isn’t an option. Please help!