What A Wonderful Life!

Perspective, it’s all about perspective.  Enjoying each and every day can be a challenge when you first return to a dirty sailboat that’s been left alone for the past six months.  Some days it seems we add more things to the “fix it” list than we cross off.  BUT then there are moments like last night.

We’re sitting the the cabin, almost time for bed when all of a sudden, the hull is taking a THUMPING.  Thunk thunk thunk — different sides, no pattern, random craziness.  David pops his head out into the cockpit and discovers that our marina slip is smack in the middle of a dolphin feeding frenzy.

A daylight dolphin begins by swimming calmly around the boat...

A daylight dolphin dance begins by swimming calmly around the boat…

The dolphins were spouting all around us and both the fishies they were chasing and the dolphins themselves were bumping the hull in their haste to catch or escape, depending on their point of view.

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to experience things that make the world seem you’re seeing it all through the eyes of a three year old … and it’s all wonderful.   The dolphin dance last night fell into that category.

Then he catches a fish and the fun begins.  First he tosses it in the air and then dives to catch it again ... and again and again...

Catch a fish and the fun begins. Toss it in the air and dive to catch it again … and again and again… (if you look closely mid upper photo you can see the white fish being tossed – it all happened too quick for me to get good photos)

Even though I’m not exactly happy about not being “out there” cruising, we’re still lucky enough to be living aboard and cruising for shorter time spans.  And since we’re lucky enough to be living aboard, we get to experience the dolphins cavorting most days.  Last night was a bigger treat than usual, but still, just part of a normal day.

DIVE DIVE DIVE ... and get the fish one more time ...  repeat, again and again...

DIVE DIVE DIVE … and get the fish one more time … repeat, again and again…

Today we were treated to yet another dolphin feeding frenzy, albeit not as frenzied and crazy as last night, no hull thumping in the daylight.  Plus we watch as the manatees swim in to the warmer waters at the shallow end of our marina basin daily and then swim out again late in the day.  And during lunch today, relaxing in the cockpit, an American Bald Eagle soars over the boat,  making lazy loops in the blue sky.

I recall being anchored last winter in Glover’s Bight with music wafting over the anchorage from Louis Armstrong’s song … “And I think to myself, what a wonderful life”!     And it is!


  1. Keith Davie says:

    Not to be picky, but “…it’s a wonderful life” is from a Jimmy Stewart movie. Louis Armstrong’s song was “What a wonderful World” – and yes it is!

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