A Spare Part You May Need

Why is it spare parts are needed at the most inopportune times?  This morning’s project was to fresh water flush the Tohatsu outboard.  Rinsing all the salt out is far less corrosive and generally just better for storing the outboard for six months.  David attached the water hose to the outboard lower unit and pulled the start cord, which promptly disintegrated in his hand.


Now he’s holding a pull cord attached to nothing.  Lucky for us we have a spare.


Your outboard is certain to be different than ours, so this is not a step-by-step, but suffice it to say, read your owners manual and figure it out.  Not a big deal. Don’t expect it to go perfectly, our new cord wouldn’t rewind all the way back in, but it’s only time, right?

Replacing the pull cord on our Tohatsu 8.

Replacing the pull cord on our Tohatsu 8.

Fresh Water Flushing Outboard

Fresh Water Flushing Outboard

For more details on this process, see “Extend Your Outboard’s Life:  Fresh Water Flush”.


Finally, the outboard started and the fresh water flush is complete!  Comments or other spare parts that cruisers should take?  Cheers!  Jan


  1. FYI – Happy Ours and Westerleigh are departing K.W. for Dry Tortugas this a.m. and plan to be there for about a week. Our location: http://www.vesselfinder.com/?mmsi=367157490

    • SO jealous! We’re departing to visit my 92 y/o Dad tomorrow and leaving the boat for the summer. 🙁 Have a WONDERFUL time in the Dry Tortugas, one of our favorite places … although the last time we were there was when we were leaving to go to Isla Mujeres MX – another great sail. Cheers! J

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