Dinghy Accessory: New Dry Bag

We have a clear medium size dry bag that we always took in the dinghy to hold our cell phone, VHF radio, cameras etc.  Unfortunately, we left it behind in our hurry to return to the boat this winter.  So when we were in BassPro Shop the other day, David mentioned that we could use another dry bag for the dinghy.  When we looked, I liked this 10 L “heavy duty” dry bag, brand name “Ascend” that I’ve never seen before at REI or online.  So we bought one.

I really like the fact that the other dry bag is clear and we can see what’s in there, but the new Ascend Dry Bag has a shoulder strap, will hold the bigger DSLR camera – and some filters – along with the usual stuff.  Plus it’s easy to sling over my shoulder and carry to the beach without having to worry about the camera.   None of our other dry bags have a handle or strap – we always just lug them around by the folded top.

Our Ascend 10L Dry Bag, ready to go dinghy exploring.

Our Ascend 10L Dry Bag, ready to go dinghy exploring.

This just may be my latest favorite practical accessory for the boat!  It gets used all the time for more than I anticipated when we bought it.   For us, the 10L is just the right size, although they come in other sizes.  And they’re not expensive at all – of course, I haven’t tried tossing it overboard, but for in the dinghy, in the pouring rain, for every purpose we’ve subjected it to so far, it’s been more than up to the task.

Do you have a favorite dry bag?  Please leave a comment and share!  Cheers!  Jan

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