Every Time I Step Aboard …

It happened again!  Every time I step aboard, anticipating the magic, I smile and relax, even if we’ve just been gone a few days.  And sure enough, before I even stepped aboard tonight, the dolphins were dancing behind our stern.

In the dark the first thing you notice is that distinctive dolphin blowhole snort and then, in the reflections on the water you see  ripples extending.  I studied the ripples intently, sure that the next time the dolphin surfaces, I’ll be able to see it, even in the dim reflected light.  Then I hear the “poof” breathing noise from 90 degrees off the port side of the boat.  It’s hard enough to spot the next place they’ll pop up smiling at me in daylight, but impossible at night.

Dolphins Accompany Winterlude on Passage

Dolphins Accompany Winterlude on Passage

So I sit here with the boat gently rocking, listing to the dolphin serenade & thinking I’m the luckiest person alive!

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