Cockpit Enclosure Detail Photos

Late yesterday I had a request for some additional photos showing the details of how the isenglass roll-down curtains attach to the boat.  So here are a few photos.  Note, our previous roll down isenglass used most of the same snaps, so most of the snaps were already in place and the canvas maker simply reused most of the prior snaps.  He did add a couple in key places to make the enclosure more secure.

Snaps on hull attach the bottom of the isenglass and UV screens at the bottom.

Another photo showing the canvas trim on the isenglass panels with the snaps.

Another useful feature of the enclosure that I love:  the zipper pulls on both the inside AND outside of the zippers so I can get in easily from either side.  Maybe all enclosures have these, but our prior one did not, so I think it’s great!

And here are the roll-up straps for the panels – both the isenglass and the UV screen panels have these straps to hold them up out of the way when we’re not using them.

And a shot of the panel rolled up.

If anyone has any specific questions, leave a comment and let me know.  I can take more photos if anyone’s interested.

Cheers!  Jan & David


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  2. Gretchen says:

    Can you give us a ballpark cost for all that work? 15k? More? If you’d rather not, I understand but it would be great to know.

    • Gretchen & Bari — I think the total including mostly new stainless, the dodger, bimini, connector, rolldown isenglass & rolldown UV shades using regular Sunbrella was around $8K. It’s difficult to tell because we added a rain cover for the bow, a rain fly for the main hatch, the UV shade for the dodger window etc. after the fact. At the time, I was having heart failure, but after we’ve used it for about 15 months, there isn’t a rainstorm or chilly morning that goes by that I don’t thank goodness we invested in our “solarium” or our family room! Hopefully that helps. Cheers! Jan

  3. Thanks for the really nice tips and pics – beautiful boat. We’re just going through the “what do we really want” stage right now to replace our canvas on Morning Star! I would appreciate any info about the cost of the enclosure, too (or even a range) – I presume you had it made in So FL? And a couple of other questions: When you were entertaining bids/designs, did anyone mention the pluses or minus of O’Sea vinyl as an alternative to the Strataglas? Will you store the enclosure rolled or flaked/folded (inside the boat?) in your “off-season”? Thank you much.

    • Bari — see reply to both Gretchen & you regarding cost below. No one mentioned O’Sea vinyl as a possibility and I’m not familiar with it, so I cannot comment. I know we have strataglass for our dodger, higher quality, better clarity than the isenglass used for our rolldown windows which we wanted to be lighter weight for rollup purposes. We store the bimini portion of the enclosure including the stainless collapsed below in the off season. We put paper between the isenglass and roll them together for storage below and the dodger simply removes from it’s frame and is also stored below. In addition, the sails are off and the mack-pack is stored below. No canvas on the boat from late May to mid October when we return. Hope this helps! If you have more questions, please ask! 🙂 Cheers — Jan

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