My Boat! Cruising World Passport 37 Review

We love our Passport 37.  What boat owner doesn’t love their boat?   1985, hull number 2,  we bought it in 2001 in Annapolis, MD and immediately “commuter cruised” it to southwest Florida in three 10 day increments.  Cruising World did a review of the Passport 37 in their Classic Plastic section — the review starts —

“Robert H. Perry says that when he was asked to design a smaller version of the successful Passport 40, he took the opportunity to also improve on the larger boat’s already impressive performance. Along with a beautifully appointed interior and classic lines similar to those of the 40, he gave the Passport 37 a finer bow, which helps to make the boat faster on the wind.”

Anchored in the Vivorillos Cayes, corner of Honduras & Nicaragua

Anchored in the Vivorillos Cayes, corner of Honduras & Nicaragua

Read what Cruising World had to say about the Passport 37 which has taken us over 11,000 miles … from Annapolis to Florida, Florida Keys to the Yucatan, Mexico, Belize and it’s offshore atolls, the Rio Dulce in Guatemala, the Honduran Bay Islands and all the way around the corner to Panama and Columbia.   The views from our cockpit are spectacular and the boat has always kept us safe, despite our rather steep learning curve.

Click Here for the Cruising World Passport 37 Review!

Anchored Josh Caye, Guanaja, easternmost of the Bay Islands of Honduras

Anchored Josh Caye, Guanaja, easternmost of the Bay Islands of Honduras

Passport 37 Mainsail Insignia

Passport 37 Mainsail Insignia

Everyone I know loves their boat & wouldn’t trade.  Obviously no boat is perfect and we often wish for a bit more power than our little 30 hp Nanni Kubota lawnmower engine to push our 13 tons of boat, but overall we love our Passport 37!



  1. John Ahern via Facebook says:

    Beautiful Boat

  2. Thanks John!

  3. I am the keeper of a database of all of the original Passports, including P37, P40, P41, P42, P43, and P47. I have actually just started work on the P37 part of the database. I’d be extremely grateful if you were willing to send me the following information about your boat to include in the database. My email address is, and I own P40 hull #18, Dream SeQueL.

    * Your name and contact information (address, phone, email; tell me if you want any or all of the information to be removed from the public versions of the database).
    * The name of your boat
    * The USCG Documentation number, if any
    * The hailing port
    * The full hull ID (e.g., my P40’s ID is PYK400180682)
    * Any additional information (e.g., previous names/owners, engine, configuration, places you’ve sailed her, etc.) you’d like included.


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