Fresh Water Overboard … Dilemma Solved!

The last boat project fixed!  Sssshhhhh!!!  Don’t say anything, I’ll knock on teak (wood) so I don’t jinx us with this post!

David fixed the fresh water overboard problem — turns out the new solenoid in the watermaker is directional — how were we supposed to know that?

No instructions for installation meant David laid the old one out on the floor to see the configuration, then laid the new one side by side to make sure it lined up the same.  Problem was the new solenoid is a different manufacturer than the previous one and wouldn’t you know the new one had the in & out reversed — which we didn’t notice because there were no arrows.   So the entire problem with the fresh water going overboard whenever we ran the pressure water was due to the fact that the solenoid was in backward!

Sometimes we can’t get out of our own way!   Aaaarrrgggg!

No need to leave a comment, we already feel stupid enough!   Oh well, tomorrow IS another day!  🙂   Cheers!  Jan

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