Be Safe! Run the Blower 4-5 Minutes, Not 30 Seconds or Less!

This morning as we were out standing on the dock discussing our weather delay with friends, there was an explosion that literally shook the dock.  All of us looked in horror toward the fuel dock.  Luckily we couldn’t see anything dramatic.  We walked over — one dock — to see what caused the explosion and, you guessed it, a boat blew up at the fuel dock.  They had just finished fueling (gas), turned on the blower briefly and turned the key when KAWHAAAAMMMM!  The explosion blew the windshield off the boat and shattered fiberglass everywhere.  Luckily it did NOT catch fire and no one was hurt.

Be safe out there – this is very very scary!  The boaters involved have substantial boating experience and their comment was to be SURE and let the blower run longer than just a bit.

Run the Blower for 4-5 Minutes!

Run the Blower for 4-5 Minutes! This is another incident, not today at our marina.

While back at the lake with the ski boat, we are very very guilty of the same.  We rarely let the blower run longer than just a short bit – read, maybe 20-30 seconds at most.  When we return this summer, we are going to make SURE to run that blower for a few minutes.  From what I can find online, it seems most I/O manufacturers recommend you run the blower 4 minutes and open the engine compartment to check for gas fumes before starting the engine.



  1. Wow. That is my biggest fear. I’ve always heard “run it for at least 4 minutes” I would probably do more, just to be sure. Glad no one was hurt. That’s a miracle.

  2. I have a sailboat and even after running the blower I sniff the exit vent just to be safe.

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