Cruising World: Dec 2012: How to Cruise With Kayaks

When we were preparing to leave the US and go cruising, I told David I wasn’t cruising to paradise without my kayak.  David looked at me like I was crazy and said “ummm, if you haven’t noticed, we have a 37 foot sailboat with NO place for kayaks”.   Far from being deterred, I decided to explore the possibilities.  Originally I was thinking of inflatable kayaks, but back in 2003, inflatable kayaks were not up to the standard of these days.  So we bought 9′ Wilderness System indestructible plastic sit on top kayaks.

Article has info on Kayak Safety, Kayak Storage Aboard and Tips On Buying a Kayak!

Cruising World, December 2012 – check out page 36! –  published my story on exploring skinny waters in a kayak.  The article features safety tips for beginners, info on how to store 2 kayaks, even on a 37 foot monohull sailboat and much more!    AND now it’s ONLINE!   Click here to read my kayak story from Cruising World, December 2012:

CRUISING WORLD December 2012:  Cruising With Kayaks

Do you have kayaks aboard?  Do you have any more tips?  Please leave a comment and share!  THANKS & Cheers — Jan


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