Happenings in 3s? What About the Fridge?

I’ve always heard that things happen in threes.  So after we sent our windlass off and then the Pactor III modem refused to beep, being moderately superstitious, I was wondering what the third “thing” would be.  I don’t count the stinky bilge, that’s our own fault, but the starter battery almost catching on fire definitely counts as the 3rd in the set.  WooHoo!  We’re done, right?

So why the morning after the starter battery almost caught on fire was the fridge totally thawed out?   That would make #FOUR!  No fair!

Winterlude's Galley

Winterlude’s Galley Refrigerator is an Adler Refrigeration: Barber Super ColdPlate in a pit under the microwave.

When something goes wrong, we always assume it was something we did.  And the starter battery lives between the fridge and the condenser, so it made sense that maybe a wire got knocked off, or ???   Who knows, but after checking David could find nothing obvious, we we made an appointment with a refrigerator repair guy and left to go buy a new starting battery.

When David replaced the starting battery and connected all the wires the same way they were connected to the old battery, VOILA, the refrigerator condenser started humming…   WHAT?  That makes NO sense at all!  David traced the wires and sure enough one of the wires connecting to the starting battery also goes to the condenser.  We called the electrician who originally wired the boat, his comment was “no way”, but he’d stop by.  Maybe he can figure it out.

And in the meantime, at least I don’t have to defrost the refrigerator!




  1. When 3 things in a row go wrong I go back to the dock for a day.

    • I’m pretty sure I jinxed us by saying our shakedown cruise was almost flawless. Then we decided to be proactive and replace the seals on the windlass, which turned out to be a much bigger deal than anticipated and it went downhill from there. But the good news is that without a windlass, we ARE at the dock. Besides, it’s blowing stink and we’re expecting the fallout from that nasty winter storm “up north”.

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