Kayak Rack Specifics: Photo Essay

Several people have asked where we got our kayak racks since my kayak article appeared in the December 2012, Cruising World Magazine, click here to read the article online. 

Unfortunately, at the time we left to go cruising, there were no “buy off the shelf” kayak racks available.  We were having some other stainless steel parts fabricated and we asked if it would be possible to make us some custom kayak racks.  We love our kayak racks, but unfortunately, the fabricator is no longer in business.

Garhauer Marine has a version of kayak racks.  But they’re not the same as what we like so much.   We wanted the racks a height to fit between the lifelines.  We also wanted them to rotate inside and outside the lifelines, so we could carry them inside if we’re going through locks or whatever when they might be in the way outside.  Our side decks are narrow, so swinging them outside while at anchor (and now pretty much all the time) allows us the full use of the side deck.

If you’re interested in having some kayak racks fabricated, here are the close up photos that several people have requested.   Please excuse the stainless, I took the photos before I cleaned the stainless.  And note that the racks are over 10 years old and have traveled with us from Florida to Cartagena, Columbia and back and then to the Bahamas/Exumas.  So they’ve had a bit of use.   🙂

If you know of somewhere other than Garhauer Marine to buy pre-made kayak racks, please leave a comment below and share.  I’m surprised at the interest these racks have generated –perhaps I should have them patented!

Kayak Rack rotated flush between the lifelines. 3 rotating positions gives us maximum flexibility. We had them like this when we went to the boatyard & left the kayaks at the marina. We also have them like this when a bad storm’s coming and we don’t want the extra windage and lash them to the deck.

Another view of the kayak rack rotated flush with the lifelines.

Kayak Rack rotated outside the lifelines, where they stay 90% of the time.

Kayak rack rotated inside the lifelines.

Here’s a closup of the rotating fitting. We think it’s a purchased fitting with the rack welded to it. It attaches with an allen wrench. And swivels by pushing with our hand, a bit of pressure on the rack – we don’t have to loosen or tighten anything.  Please excuse the rust, these photos were taken just before we cleaned the stainless.

The kayak rack goes for a sail across the Great Bahama Banks anticipating all the kayak exploring to come as we explore the Exumas. 🙂



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