Cruising World: Catch-of-the-Day Cioppino Recipe!

If you haven’t seen the April 2013 Cruising World Magazine, you’re missing my “Catch-Of-The-Day Cioppino” recipe!

What the heck is cioppino anyway?  It originated as an Italian Fish Stew, but it has many adaptations since then, including ours when we had too much fresh fish anchored at the Vivorillos Cayes off the corner of Honduras and Nicaragua as a stopover on our way to Panama.  No such thing as too much fresh fish, you say?  🙂  I must admit, since those wonderful days, our fresh fish consumption has been much more limited, but we still use the Cioppino recipe frequently just because it’s turned into a family favorite.

Here’s the link to the Cruising World article online!  ENJOY!  And don’t forget to try the recipe!

Plus, here’s what Cruising World People & Food Editor, Lynda Childress, had to say about The Boat Galley Cookbook:

The recipe above is one of many found in The Boat Galley Cookbook: 800 Everyday Recipes and Essential Tips for Cooking Aboard by Carolyn Shearlock and Jan Irons (2012; International Marine; $36). This is much more than a cookbook. A large part of the cruising life is in the planning, preparing, and sharing of a good meal, and this useful book will guide you through each stage. Shearlock and Irons have extensive cruising experience on both sides of Mexico and Central America and in the Caribbean, and it shows. Unlike many galley cookbooks that seem to target weekend sailors, this one is made for liveaboard cruisers, with sections on shopping off the beaten track, ingredient substitutions, potluck ideas, meatless recipes, how to clean conch, and even how to make canned meat taste good.


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